Article published in «Week Colombian Magazine»  March 2019

In the last 12 years, Colombian ships have incorporated the latest European technologies with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Photo: «BDA- ARC Gulf of Tribuga – amphibious landing ship, one of the boats in which RH Marine Netherlands BV, represented by Polmarine, integrated all onboard systems.

The shipbuilding industry is not new in Colombia. Since 1960  the country built river patrol vessels at UNIAL (national shipbuilding company at that time) and the Naval Base repaired destroyers. This Company also had the ability to repair warships. However, for political decisions at that time, the last shipyard state company called Conastil, was closure in 1994. With this situation, the Colombian shipyard industry castaway.

In the late nineteenth century, this sector regained its relevance, thanks to the vision of  Admiral ®  Ricardo Pulido Osuna, who has spent more than 50 years at sea. He studied with Koreans, who developed the shipbuilding industry of their nation and knew about the relevance of the shipping industry in a country.

Admiral ® Pulido was commissioned in 1993 to the United States, in order to build two sea patrol vessels and nine vessels for the river.  While he was there, he wondered why Colombian Navy has to send Engineering to other countries, to do simple things, that could be done at the country.

This idea follows  Admiral ® Pulido for years. He travelled to Peru and Chile in order to learned about shipbuilding with those Marines.  With this acquired knowledge, he was appointed by the Admiral ® Edgar Romero, Commander of Colombian Navy to recover Conastil facilities. This commission meant the revival of Shipbuilding industry sowing the seeds of what is now Cotecmar.

In 2007 Admiral ® Pulido joined the prominent businessman Colombo-German, Mr Guillermo Rubio Vollert, who shares his passion for the Navy, the seas and rivers of our country, in order to create a company called Polmarine, which mission is to represent in Colombia, relevant companies involved at the naval sector.  Polmarine also works with projects oriented to reduce the cost of transport of raw material and goods by the option of river transportation

«We wanted to be part of the development of the shipbuilding industry and analyzing their needs, so we search the best suppliers worldwide getting agent in Colombia from these German firms and a Dutch: MTG, Glamox / LinksRechts,  Renk and  RH Marine Netherlands BV « Mention these entrepreneurs.

In the last 12 years, the Colombian ships have incorporated the latest European technologies with the best cost-benefit ratio.

The German company RENK, is recognized as the manufacturer of reduction gears and flexible couplings of high quality and reliability for all types of warships. Manufactures of the largest gears in the world. Renk designed the first combination «Diesel Electric Gas» in a propulsion system. This company provided the gears for the frigates of Colombia, and currently advises our Navy in the design and selection of systems that allow maximum operational reliability ships, as in the case of PES project.  Actually, it has guaranteed the proper maintenance of gearboxes thrusters our frigates.

The German company LinksRechts, today part of Glamox Group, a manufacturer of specialized lighting systems for naval HVALS, ANLS and ASLS, for warships and submarines,  are certified under NATO military specifications. These systems have been installed on frigates and Navy OPV Colombia, as well as the LED lighting systems on board the four submarines.

The Dutch company RH Marine Netherlands BV is a manufacturer of AMCS systems, electrical distribution and integrated among others, for all types of boat bridge. At the time RH supplies these systems for OPV and BDA of the Colombian Navy and one BDA for the Honduras Navy built in Cotecmar.

The German company MTG Marinetechnick GmbH – Independent Naval Warship Design Agency, has designed most of the warships of the German Navy, and also for other countries. MTG designed also the 1500 class corvettes for the Colombian Navy. In his capacity as a consultant and freelance designer, this company has been advising our Navy in the definition of future frigates that the country needs, (PES) giving the command the support it requires, before and after the decision.

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